Our New School Year

Our 2018/2019 school year is off to a tremendous start with more than 30 additional students enrolled. We look forward to toward topping last year’s results.

We are expanding the existing classes and starting Computer Literacy, Media Tutoring, and Sustainable Agriculture courses.

Both staff and students are facing the new year with excitement and high hopes!

Adam Ibrahim
GSAT Results

Among our Class of 2018, we had a number of students who came to us at the beginning of the school year scheduled to take the GSAT exams, but unable to read. Neither their previous teachers nor their parents felt that they would ever be able to attend high school.

With the dedication of our teachers and the individual attention paid to each of these students, the results surprised everyone – they all did well enough to be admitted to high school.

Congratulations to these students and all those who were part of this tremendous achievement!

Adam Ibrahim
Abraham's Tent Grade Six are Top 10

The students of Abraham's Tent who sat the Grade Six Assessment Test were very successful, with most of them gaining admission to top high schools. In fact, the ten students of Massiah Government School in Berbice with the highest scores are all students of Abraham's Tent! Quite an accomplishment indeed. Congratulations to all the students and their teachers.

Adam Ibrahim