Abraham's Tent is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering children in need.


Our Mission

Abraham's Tent is dedicated to helping needy children, especially girls in Guyana, some of whom are usually married off as teenagers before having a chance to pursue an education. Thanks to Dr. Sharma and Dr. Allison, we have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

Abraham’s Tent launched its Educational Enrichment program in March of 2014, which has been leveling the playing field for many students. This program is geared towards middle and high school students who need extra tutoring for their school exams but cannot afford to pay for private tutors. All classes and school supplies are offered for free, and thanks to a generous grant from the Sharmallison Fund the program now includes over fifty students.

Classes are currently being taught in a refurbished barn and adjacent private home. However, land was bought for the building of a new school and construction will begin later this year.

Our goals include:

  • Assist students with reaching 100% passing rate on their school exams

  • Seek out students who have dropped-out of school due to poverty, and offer them the opportunity for an education

  • Add agricultural classes to our present curriculum so that students, and their families, can become more self-sufficient

  • Hire more teachers

  • Expand literacy classes for students of all ages

  • Teach computer technology skills to all students

  • Add literacy classes for adults

  • Build a school that can accommodate all grade levels and programs and offer a full K – 12 curriculum

  • Teach students the importance of ‘paying it forward’ by encouraging them to volunteer their time at our school and within their community

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets.
— Leonardo DaVinci

What We've Achieved

Two students from Abraham's Tent were the top CXC graduating students in Berbice.

Students who attend classes at Abraham's Tent at the 2017 CXC level have achieved 100% pass rate in the subjects they studied with us.

Establishing a stand-alone structure for classes in both Grade 6 Assessment and CXC levels.

60% of our 2017 Grade 6 Assessment students have gained access to local high schools which is quite an achievement considering most of them were far below their standard reading level.

We have recently hired a new teacher specifically to teach phonics to the younger students, most of whom start at Abraham's Tent with very little reading skills.

We established a full library through a generous gift of books from the estate of the late Dr. Lloyd Old. Some of the books were shared with the Art School in Guyana.